Hi I’m Christina, a professional chef and food entrepreneur. I have worked in almost every area of the food business from BOH to FOH in private clubs, corporate environments, restaurants, hotels you name it. For the past 10 years I’ve been the executive chef of my very own award winning personal chef and private event company Epicurean Endeavors.

After many years of working long hours for little pay and even less personal satisfaction , I knew I had to find better opportunities to share my talent. Luckily I came across the field of personal and private chef, a career path that seemed to offer exactly what I was looking for. I had read the articles about Personal Chefs enjoying a work life balance unheard of in traditional culinary jobs and I wanted in, I needed in. Unfortunately I had no idea how to get started and with very little resources or guidance I had to figure a lot of things out along the way. I landed my first client by pure beginners luck but that was all I needed to get things going and more than 10 years later I am still at it. Personal Chefs are in high demand and this field offers unlimited growth potential, especially during these uncertain times where people are craving upscale small group dining experiences in the comfort of their homes. I’m excited to share all that I’ve learned and I hope that you’ll take that next step and join me on the path to culinary entrepreneurship.